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Case Studies

   You can submit your Mobbing ordeal to and it will be posted on this page for you to see.

Case #1
Hi Bruce .... great to see your site up and running. I was a target of a workplace sociopathic serial gang bully. This guy would pick his target, move in for the kill then after you totally break down he would move on to his next target and the gang bullying would start at your home.. By this I was off work and a total mess. This went on with 11 employees before me and three after me. The bully was fired. He then attacked the union executive and management. A deal was worked out to rehire this bully if he and his gang would leave everyone alone. It wasn't 4 months after that I was targeted. He was fire once again after another union worker was targeted. She broke down eventually and committed suicide. The union and the management refused to help me. I hired a lawyer in Toronto as no local lawyer would take my case. I have been stalked and harassed at my home for the past 21/2 years. I'm recovering but stuggling with life in general. I have spoke on two talk shows. One in Calgary and one in Halifax. I'm determined to fight back. I have been in couciling of the past 18 months. Great to see your site up and running and I hope you get alot of people visiting you site. Don